Dirty Words

Bad breath; swollen, bleeding gums; bacterial infections—all are dirty words describing  gum disease, a.k.a. periodontal disease.

Do you have it? If so, you are not alone. Millions of Americans have gum disease, and it can compromise your overall health as well as your dental health.

Conventional treatment requires a combination of professional dental cleanings (called scaling & root planing) and patient home care. Often this isn’t enough. Our office is one of the few to offer the Perio Protect Method®, a minimally invasive treatment to attack periodontal disease and protect your overall health. Customized trays, worn for a few minutes a day, deliver medication to fight gum infections and manage the disease.

Let’s make these dirty words a thing of the past. Consider a better way to fight gum disease—using the Perio Protect Method®. Just ask us about it.

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