Teeth Whitening in Worcester, MA

Brighten your pearly whites with teeth whitening at Kozica Dental!

If you want to achieve a brighter smile, we offer a range of products and techniques. Our team can help you choose the safest, most effective method. Schedule an appointment at our Worcester dental office and talk to Dr. Kozica about the differences between in-office professional whitening and at-home whitening.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Dr. Kozica offers two types of in-office whitening: KöR® Whitening Deep Bleaching System and LUMIBRITE™ one-hour whitening. Both treatments have been proven safe and effective for whitening teeth, and they contain special ingredients to alleviate sensitivity. During your appointment, a member of our team will apply a whitening gel to the surface of your teeth. The Deep Bleaching Treatment consists of two 90-minute appointments and you will be able to see immediate results.

If you would like to learn more about your teeth-whitening options, please contact our dental practice to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kozica. Call today!

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