Intraoral Camera in Worcester & Central, MA

A Clear Vision of Your Dental Health

Visiting your dentist regularly is the best way to prevent dental cavities, tooth decay, and other dental and oral health problems. At Kozica Dental, we are committed to maintaining our patients’ health by using advanced dental technology to examine, assess, treat, and prevent oral health issues. Our team uses an intraoral camera in Worcester, MA, to obtain clear, precise images of your teeth, gums, palate, and more. The detailed images provided by our state-of-the-art dental camera allow us to evaluate your health and diagnose problems with greater precision and accuracy. Call us today to make an appointment or to learn more about our intraoral dental camera.

What Is an Intraoral or Mouth Camera?

A mouth camera or intraoral camera is a tool that our dentist uses to obtain clear, accurate, and precise images of your mouth. We use a small, handheld dental camera to obtain high-resolution images of your mouth and evaluate real-time footage on a monitor screen as we conduct our examination. Our intraoral camera allows us to evaluate your dental and oral health in extreme detail, so we can make diagnoses more accurately and determine which dental procedures you need. It also increases your comfort as a patient, as it makes exams faster, more precise, and less intrusive.

What Are Intraoral Dental Cameras Used For?

Intraoral dental cameras are an amazing innovation in diagnostic and preventive dental services. They allow your dentist to assess, evaluate, and diagnose dental issues much more precisely and much faster than ever before. We can use the information obtained from our dental camera to obtain early detection of oral and dental health issues that will only get worse over time. With early intervention, we can find the safest and most effective method of treatment to slow or prevent the progression of the problem. We use our intraoral camera for:

  • Assessing and diagnosing plaque formation, dental cavities, periodontal and gum disease, cracked or broken teeth and fillings, and other oral and dental issues
  • Completing oral cancer screenings
  • Providing patient education and information
  • Tracking the progression and/or treatment of dental and oral health issues
  • Obtaining information necessary to proceed with cosmetic dentistry services

When You Should Ask Your Dentist About Using a Dental Camera

You should ask your dentist to use a dental camera as part of your dental exam to improve your comfort and increase the thoroughness of the dental exam. Using an intraoral camera offers your dentist valuable information about the state of your oral and dental health so they can make personalized recommendations and offer early intervention. Consider asking your dentist about using a dental camera in these circumstances:

  • At your first appointment with a new dentist
  • To evaluate how well treatment is working
  • To determine the cause of tooth or jaw pain, bleeding gums, tooth sensitivity, and other symptoms
  • To obtain more knowledge about your own oral and dental health
  • To assess the progression of an existing dental cavity, plaque, tooth decay, or gum disease
  • For early detection of oral health issues you’re at risk for
  • To better understand the advised treatment method

Why Choose Kozica Dental for Dental Services

At Kozica Dental, we are committed to maintaining every aspect of our patients’ dental and oral health. We focus on patient education and preventive dental services in an effort to reduce your risk of problems like tooth decay, dental cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss. We have created a comfortable, warm atmosphere to alleviate dental anxiety and fear so that all patients feel welcome. Our state-of-the-art dental technology makes our dental services more precise and accurate while maximizing patient comfort. We believe everyone in our community deserves access to quality, affordable dental services. We accept most major insurance plans, and offer convenient payment plans and financing options through CareCredit.

Learn More About Our Intraoral Camera & Dental Services

Call us today or request information online about our intraoral camera and other dental services we offer. Our team is highly skilled and knowledgeable, and we prioritize patient comfort and care. We welcome new patients, and have created a comfortable, inviting dental office.

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