Four Questions to Ask Your New Dentist

A girl getting her teeth examined at the dentist

For many patients, visiting a new dentist can be nerve-racking. Don't hesitate to bring up your concerns to make sure that the dentist you're seeing is the best choice for you and your family. Here are four questions you should consider asking during your first appointment.

How Will You Handle My Treatment Concerns?

Dentists know that patients are often anxious about receiving dental treatments. Managing your anxiety should be their priority. If you're afraid of pain, embarrassed about your oral health, have sensitive teeth, or experience other issues that make going to the dentist stressful, try to bring them up right away. Also, express any concerns you may have about the safety of specific treatments or procedures.

Do You Take My Insurance or Offer Financing Options?

Many people avoid going to the dentist because they don't know if they can afford it. If you have dental insurance, ask the administrative staff at your new office if they accept your coverage. If not, see if they offer financing options, which may provide more flexible payment plans.

What Is Your Approach to Dental Emergencies?

Some dental offices can see patients immediately for emergencies, but others may not offer that option. Similarly, you might not be able to see your usual dentist or dental hygienist if you schedule a last-minute appointment. Ask your new office about their process for handling urgent dental issues.

Do You Take Pediatric Patients?

If you have children, don't forget to ask your new dentist if they accept pediatric patients, because some practices specialize in adult dental care. You may also want to ask if they have experience handling children who have never been to a dentist and if they have specific techniques for making children feel more comfortable, such as providing small toys, goody bags, or flavored toothpaste.

The staff at Kozica Dental has helped make patients in Worcester, Shrewsbury, and Holden more confident in their smiles for decades. As a mercury and fluoride free and multi-lingual practice, we strive to create a comfortable environment for all of our patients. If you'd like to learn more about how we can help you, schedule an appointment today.

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